Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Many Become One

Ararat-based artist Jade Kahle was approached earlier this year with the idea of introducing textile craft skills to children leading to an installation outcome in response to the 2010 Children’s Week theme, ‘A Caring World Shares’. The project has been funded through a Children's Week grant from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
This resulting installation ‘Many Become One’ is the culmination of the collaboration between Jade and the participating children. The exhibition was launched by Ararat Rural City Councillor Anne Marshall last Tuesday afternoon, 3 November.

Jade’s concept for ‘Many Become One’ focuses on forms from nature, such as beehives, bird nests and wasp daubs. A half-seen and imagined world of bee and bird is evoked through crochet, knitting and stitch-work, with honeycomb motifs symbolising unity, building and co-operation. Each workshop led to the creation of the various textile pieces that feature in the installation that was designed and constructed by Jade. The individual elements were made by primary school students from Ararat West, Ararat North, Landsborough, Moyston, Willaura, St Mary’s in Ararat and Skene Street in Stawell. Children from the monthly Embroiderers Guild Needles and Pins children’s textile group also contributed to the installation. The installation is presented until 5 December 2010.

Jade Kahle is an artist and designer who has been working with her zooblast label since 2004. For more information visit the zooblast webpage.

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  1. what a beauitful show - what a great opportunity for children - so pleased to stumble across your blog!