Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Plastic Fantastic

'Plastic Fantastic'

'Colour the World'

We had a fun night on Friday (5 April 2013 at 6pm) at the launch of Annabelle Collett's 'Plastic Fantastic' exhibition, which was launched together with 'Colour the World'.

Annabelle's 'Plastic Fantastic' exhibition uses recycled trash to fashion a vast array of artworks from all types of plastics.  She utilises discarded objects such as plastic lids, old children's toys, broken jewellery pieces and dumped containers to make bold and vibrant statements.  With a background in textile art, Annabelle's sculptures, installations, wall pieces, lighting and clothing use many methods and processes that link art, craft and design, evoking a range of cultural associations with fashion, interior decorating and the crafted object.  The exhibition continues to 28 April 2013.

'Colour the World' is an installation resulting from two workshops involving 23 children.  Annabelle led children on an exciting journey through colour, texture, invention and endless possibility to create an amazing array of artworks.  The exhibitions were opened by Ararat Mayor Cr Ian Wilson.