Thursday, July 26, 2012

Annabel's Homecoming Exhibition

On Saturday 21 July 2012 at 2pm Annabel Kilpatrick's exhibition of contemporary glass, 'Impressions' was officially opened at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery.  We were thrilled to welcome back past Director of the Ararat Gallery (1987-88), Jeffrey Taylor.  Today Jeff is the Creative Produceer, Melbourne Conversations, City of Melbourne.

Annabel Kilpatrick is an Ararat-born glass artist who, since graduating from Monash University in 2007, has established a significant niche for her kiln formed glass which evocatively explores the representation of gestural body language to imply significant moments throughout life.  Describing her work Annabel said: 'I aim to capture a split second of being in its most poignant form...The body can be extremely evocative without a spoken word.  I explore its expressive nature in a way that communicates aspects of being we all share'.

Annabel is currently based in Melbourne, but she grew up on a farming property between Ararat and Great Western and regularly returns home to visit her family.  Her regional connections are strong, and this is also reflected in her work. It was especially exciting to present Annabel's work to the community for the first time as some of her first experiences of art occurred right her in Ararat when her mother Annie was actively involved in the gallery's fundraising committee.  A huge crowd was out in force to welcome Annabel home and celebrate her achievements.

Annabel has exhibited extensively including at Kirra Galleries and Glass Plus in Melbourne.  In 2009 and 2010 she also exhibited her work at the prestigious SOFA Chicago event.  We know a lot of people in the community will now be watching Annabel's artistic journey with great interest.